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The North Korean Gay Holocaust


[Make your own copy of this web page NOW before the powers that be set an internet mainframe delete filter to keep the world from knowing what's going on!  The expectation is that it will have been removed from public view soon!  Make your copy now while you can.  Don't say no one warned you.]



Cancel Culture Comes to New York’s World-Renowned Overseas Press Club





In Communist China today young women don’t give their virginity lovingly to their boyfriends or husbands like in America. Instead it’s taken from them under duress by Communist Party bosses, in plain English, dirty old men. The young virgins of China are forced to submit to being deflowered by stranger rape, plain and simple. The virgins know what will happen to them and their families if they don’t comply.


Incredibly, America’s feminist leaders tolerate this. They support the Party bosses, not the rape victims. (Your first clue as to who’s REALLY pulling the strings on America’s feminists.) Ask your local feminists why they never speak out against this. Let the world know their mealy-mouthed replies.


The Party bosses, in private, reportedly squabble like wolves over deer carcasses over who gets the really hot virgins. America’s left-wing media has blacked out this story completely. It doesn’t want to embarrass the Party bosses. Nothing could ever be more politically-incorrect than letting the world see the reality of the low life that runs the CCP. The official rap is that they’re revolutionary heroes, not rapists. Google “Peng Shuai” and “Zhang Gao-li” for one of the great unreported stories of our lifetime, a teenage virgin forced to submit to unending rape for ten solid years who finally struck back at the sickening Party Boss rapist who just would not quit by letting the world know the whole stomach-churning story. (How dare she?!)


She and her entire family have now disappeared from existence. No one knows where they are nor what happened to them.


They never tell you how many times the Party Boss’s rape of the virgin concludes with the victim vomiting uncontrollably before the Party boss’s eyes. (Must make him feel really studly.) Welcome to the Worker’s Paradise. China’s Party bosses care for China’s toiling masses by raping their virgin daughters. Is this a story or is this a story?


Will it ever be reported? Have a read and see what’s happening to a reporter who’s trying. Cancel Culture has at last arrived at that most august of journalism waterholes (bar of choice for Cronkite, Murrow and all the other legends), Manhattan’s world-renowned Overseas Press Club. Cancel Culture. At Walter Cronkite’s old hang. Yes. Alas. Feel the pain.






The hand of G-d reached down into New York City at the Overseas Press Club’s 2022 Holiday gathering at New York’s landmark Algonquin Hotel, last December 7. Surprisingly few people showed up, perhaps ten in all, if that. (Pandemic paranoia? Who knows?) Management seated them all at a large round table in the rear of the room. As with any large table with lots of people, multiple conversations began.


One of the conversations was a three-way between the New York Times’ very lovely Azmat Khan, freelance investigative reporter Frederick Lembeck and a young female reporter from Maoist China whose name Lembeck never learned because her accent was too heavy. There were no other witnesses.


When Lembeck heard the young Chinese reporter’s heavy accent he asked her if she was from the Peoples’ Republic, and when she answered yes he told her he was working on a book about the virgins of China all being obliged to submit to being deflowered by rapist Party bosses instead of loving husbands or boyfriends. What did she know about this? Had she been obliged to give her virginity to a Party boss? She said nothing but replied with an embarrassed giggle then silence. She plainly didn’t want to talk about it so Lembeck dropped the topic and the conversation moved on to something else. The whole interchange had taken less than thirty seconds then was forgotten completely. Or so it seemed.


Six days later Lembeck got an email, not a phone call, from the cowardly Secretary of the OPC, telling him his Club privileges had been suspended for a year as punishment for his daring to inquire about such a topic. (Red China comes to New York!)


Without Lembeck’s knowledge, completely behind his back, there had evidently been a secret trial in which Lembeck the defendant had been tried and convicted, not only without his being able to tell his side of it, but also without his even knowing that he had been charged with anything, still less that there was going to be a trial. (Not the American way. Not yet at least. But already the Overseas Press Club way, alas.)


Lembeck’s been a member of the Club for more than forty years. He’s one of the more senior members at this point. He’d never before heard of such a Stalinist proceeding as his secret trial. He wasn’t going to put up with it and he told the Secretary as much by phone. He was going to take the story to every editor he’d every tippled drinks with and let the world decide if it’s okay for China’s virgins to be forced to submit to rape by Party bosses. Lembeck had the truth on his side and he knew it. The Secretary, frustrated, told him she would pass the matter along to someone higher up and let them handle it. Shortly after he got a phone from the Club’s current President. Same story. The President would NOT reverse the suspension. He couldn’t care less if China’s virgins were all being raped. The conversation, like all Press Club conversations, was cordial but Lembeck told the President he would take the story to the human race, that it might take him a year or more to summon all his allies but he promised he would break the story. He is doing so now. The grotesque victimization of China’s young women, he said, was a crime in any economic system.


Plato said, “The measure of a man is what he does with power.”


Communism in its final evolution is coming to resemble nothing quite so much as Medieval European feudalism, with the Party Bosses as feudal lords and everyone else as serfs. As the feudal lord was free to deflower any and all of the Manor’s virgins, likewise the Party bosses. Challenge your local feminists. Ask them why they don’t take a stand on this one. Report their emetic replies to the public. What the hell is going on here? If this were America there would be shootings, and you know it.


How many of your readers/viewers are women who grew up on the Communist mainland? Were they forced to give their virginity to a Party boss? How did they feel afterward? Are they willing to talk about it or are they afraid? (Tell them to use assumed names.) Is it time to break this story at last?



- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -



This much said, Lembeck still proclaims loudly and proudly that what he considers “his” Overseas Press Club bar is one of the greatest hangouts in all the world. On a planet full of people who talk bigger than they know, nay, teeming with people who talk bigger than they know, the Press Club bar is the exact opposite. It’s the hangout of people who know bigger than they talk. Usually much bigger. It takes a couple of glasses of wine to get them to loosen up but all the news items that are kept secret from the American public are discussed openly (and knowledgeably) at the Club’s bar. If you want to know what’s REALLY going on in the world (as distinct from the politically-correct diarrhea that’s spoonfed to the American public on the network evening news every night) the place to hang is the one and only Overseas Press Club bar. That’s why Lembeck likes it so much. It was at the Press Club Bar that Lembeck learned all the great secrets that the world’s left-wing media is keeping from the global public, such as (may we dare speak):




PRESS CLUB BAR FACT: In the Second World War when Russia was fighting with the Allies against the Nazis, the Ukrainians were fighting with the Nazis against the Allies. Yes. TOTAL NEWS BLACKOUT ON THIS ONE. In addition, Nazi concentration camp guard rosters routinely included “Ukrainian Auxiliaries.” Yes. True! Nice of the Nazis to find jobs for the unemployed.


Why is this completely unreported to the American public! To this day the Ukraine has a military unit called the Azov Battalion that flies Nazi banners openly. TOTAL NEWS BLACKOUT ON THIS ONE TOO! They don’t dare let the American public know. It’s why viewers and insiders both are increasingly coming to describe the network news broadcasts as diarrhea.




PRESS CLUB BAR GOSSIP (FACT?): No gun grab after all. The barflies say the comrades have secretly abandoned all thought of trying to grab America’s guns (which would trigger a bloodbath beyond words) and is instead said to be planning merely to padlock the gates of the ammunition factories. Their reported expectation is that after just two or three battles the Patriots will be out of ammunition. Does the 2nd Amendment crowd know this? Are the barflies right? What would a bunch of reporters know? Seedy alcoholics, according to Hunter Thompson.




PRESS CLUB BAR FACT: All across America gun sales are booming! This is one of the stories the American media is keeping secret from the public! If the network evening news ever reported that all across America gun sales are booming, then all across America housewives would turn to their husbands and say, “Gee Honey, maybe we should get a revolver for the night table.” The last thing a Revolutionary wants to see is potential counter-revolutionaries shopping for guns.




PRESS CLUB BAR GOSSIP: The present Venezuelan chaos is a test cell for tomorrow’s America. If you want to know what the left is planning for tomorrow’s American economy and domestic scene, check out today’s Venezuela.




PRESS CLUB BAR GOSSIP: After the Revolution they’re planning to section America to put an end to such a thing as an “American Nation” or an “American People”. The Southwest will go back to Mexico. Dixie, New England and the two Midwests (east and west of the Mississippi) will all become separate countries unto themselves, all of them Communist of course. The Pacific Northwest will become yet another separate country. Lots of small, easily-manipulated countries, like Europe.




PRESS CLUB FACT: The secret North Korean Gay Holocaust. North Korea’s gays have all been secretly murdered! It has already happened! There are no more gays to be found in the entire country. The word at the Press Club bar is that Kim Jong-un’s police rounded them all up, took them out in the boonies and killed them all out of concern that they might have thoughts of taking over North Korea covertly the same way they’ve taken over China covertly. (If Xi Jin-ping and his politburo were any more gay they’d be on roller skates.)


North Korea’s gay holocaust is said to have been Kim Jong-un’s reaction to learning that Xi Jin-ping and his whole Beijing politburo are gay. Whatever the reason, the North Korean Gay Holocaust itself happened. It’s currently the best-kept secret in the entire world. How many Koreans do you know well enough to ask? How many gays, Korean or otherwise? Please put out a call to gays and Koreans both, to find out what they know. Somebody must know something. Please find out and report! Gay lives matter! We cannot for one second let homophobes make it otherwise.


There must be an honest investigation followed by a globally-watched trial, like Nuremberg. Genocide is a Crime Against Humanity be the victims Armenians, Jews, Gypsies, Tutsis, Uighurs, Gays or anyone else! Gay lives matter too! Scream it from the rooftops! Don’t let our gay friends and loved ones down. Don’t let genocide be swept under the rug. Decent people everywhere, whether gay or straight, must join together and take a stand on this one. Would it be possible to send gay reporters to North Korea?


The official North Korean line is that the country has no gays and has never had gays. If you believe that you’ll believe Count Dracula hires out as a wet nurse.




PRESS CLUB GOSSIP: Palestinian homophobia. Palestinians hate gays even more than they hate Jews! Palestinian gays don’t dare come out of the closet. TOTAL NEWS BLACKOUT ON THIS ONE TOO!




PRESS CLUB GOSSIP: Red River irrigation clash: war between Vietnam and China? The Red River which runs through Hanoi has long been a source of irrigation water for the Vietnamese. But its headwaters are in China, and the Chinese are now building huge dams upstream to capture the irrigation water for China. Their plans will turn the Red River into a trickle and destroy Vietnamese agriculture. Total news blackout on this one.




PRESS CLUB GOSSIP: The Russians set fire to the Hindenburg, it wasn’t Donald Trump. They pulled the same trick twenty years later on Francis Powers and the U2, a radio-detonated bomb secreted in the aircraft’s tail by an operative back at the home base then detonated over the target zone by an operative on the ground with a radio transmitter. Slick. Give credit where it’s due. Very slick.




PRESS CLUB BAR GOSSIP: the Left is planning to shut down Breitbart, Brighteon, Prager, et al. They’ve already started on Prager. It’ll get worse. It’ll get however bad it has to be to shut down dissenting voices. And whatever they do, it’ll be covered up. The public will know and hear nothing except that America is an unreconstructably racist hellhole.




PRESS CLUB FACT: Global warming is a hoax. The truth is that when the earth began it was so hot it didn’t even have a solid crust. It was a ball of molten lava. Then over the course of eons and eons it cooled and cooled and cooled to the point where it now not only has a solid crust but a solid crust many miles thick. Obviously the REAL long-range trend is toward global cooling.


The left is spoonfeeding diarrhea to the public.


Before the left can make a revolution they first have to make life so miserable for the masses that the masses finally start muttering that anything-would-be-better-than-this. The global warming hoax provides just the excuse they need to shut down American industry, American prosperity, American paychecks and, ultimately, the very bread on America’s dinner tables.




PRESS CLUB BAR GOSSIP (really good one!): The gossip is that the casino lobby has paid three separate BILLION-DOLLAR payoffs to three separate nationally-prominent Democratic Party families (three billion in all) in exchange not merely for


1] their looking the other way at proof the casinos are all crooked, namely, mathematical gambling systems that really do work at home time and again (your home included) but absolutely never in any casino (see below and die),


but also,


2] to keep the Democratic Party from looking into that same evidence of casino dishonesty, in order to help the casino slimeballs keep it secret from the global public that the world’s casinos are all crooked. (Test the systems below before you speak. Take care you don’t make a fool of yourself.)


But what about the payoff part? Is the Democratic leadership that corrupt? Can this triple billion payoff story possibly be true? How reliable are the Overseas Press Club barflies? (Fasten your seatbelt.)


Happily, the Gore family is NOT one of the triple billion Democratic superfamilies, but Al Gore is one of the few people in America with the connections and resources to find out who the three superfamilies are. Who thinks he won’t want to know? The question, Al, is whether you’ll blow the whistle on the crooked casino industry worldwide and be lauded for your honesty as one of the great cultural Heroes, nay Divinities, of history, or will you go to the payoff guys in the best Democratic Party tradition and say, “Where’s mine?”


American schoolchildren for generations to come will be reading in history class about the choice Al Gore’s about to make. Will the casinos at this point still be able to get the cat back in the bag? How many billion will it take? Tell them you want twenty billion, Al, never mind one billion. They can afford it and don’t let them tell you they can’t. We love you Al! We’re with you all the way.


Although Lembeck’s present troubles with the Press Club lefties involve his investigative reporting about the systematic rape of China’s virgins by Party bosses, he’s well-known to Club members as the author of (among other things) a collection of mathematical gambling systems that work at home but not in the casinos. THEY’RE ROCK SOLID EVIDENCE THE WORLD’S CASINOS ARE ALL CROOKED. They’re the reason for the billion dollar payoffs, to prevent America’s Democratic Party (and left-wing media) from ever looking into this evidence. See URL: (


Or just look at the two sample systems at the end of this URL. But don’t just look, also run a test! Then you’ll have what all to report, O Colleague, that’s a promise. Use nickels, dimes and pennies for chips.



- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


LEMBECK IS LOOKING FOR A GOOD LAWYER TO SUE THE OVERSEAS PRESS CLUB’S ASS OFF. If you know of one kindly pass this along please. Thanks.

Also please forward this to sympathetic souls, as needed, to get the word out about China’s virgins. The young women of China need our help or soon it’ll be America’s young women.


Also the Gay Holocaust. If North Korea really did mass murder every one of their gays without mercy for no other crime than being gay then high holy hell must be raised and the culprits hanged, just like at Nuremberg. Our gay friends and loved ones need us and we must not let them down! If the homophobes insist on a fight then we must fight. The time has come. There must never be another North Korea. Let that be the battle cry.













Merely conduct a test and see what you learn. Use nickels, dimes and pennies for chips. Your mind will be shattered! THE CASINOS ARE CROOKED! EVERY LAST TABLE IN EVERY LAST CASINO IN EVERY LAST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD! THE WHOLE INDUSTRY PLANETWIDE. Test the systems and it will be like being punched in the skull.



ANY CRAPS -- A Mathematical Gambling System That Works at Home But Not In The Casinos

(Taken from Are the Casinos Crooked? (Amazon), by Frederick Lembeck)


Chapter 7 - Any Craps

re the Casinos Crooked? 

Any Craps is designed to be played on the Any Craps bet in the center of the craps layout, but it can be played on any 7 to 1 bet anywhere.

When you bet Any Craps you’re betting on the shooter to throw a 2, 3 or 12 in the next roll of the dice. This means you get a fresh bet with each new roll. No mathematical gambling system could ever be faster than this. Mathematically it’s a true 8 to 1, paying 7 to 1. This is nice. Wait’ll you win a 7 to 1, you'll know the meaning of the word Sweet.


With Any Craps you open with a bet of just $1. In most casinos the dealer will let you bet a mere $1 if you’re betting on a long shot bet like Any Craps. (If he doesn't, the hell with him, open at the house minimum whatever it is and kick his ass anyway.)


THE FORMULA: Any time you lose, you increase the bet by $1. Any time you win, you decrease the bet by $10. That's the Any Craps formula and boy does it work!


(Why $10 instead of $9 or $11 or some other number? Since the game gives the house a mathematical edge, which it genuinely does, you have to counter with a slick mathematical correction to overcome the house edge. This is actually quite easy. If you don't know math don't worry, I do. The correction for long shots is to decrease the bet after each win by the true odds, in this case 8, plus 2 extra to create a solid, reliable drift downward in your betting amounts. Since 8 + 2 = 10, the correction after each win in Any Craps is $10. If the true odds were 10 to 1 the correction would be 10 + 2 = $12. If the true odds were 15 to 1 the correction would be 15 + 2 = $17, etc., etc.)


On your kitchen table Any Craps will make you money like water over Niagara. In the casino it’ll be the exact opposite, you won't win so much as bus fare home.


Something smells.

Soon you'll be among the people confirming this by word of mouth. Meanwhile, write to Jimmy Fallon and Steven Colbert and ask them to have their Bands test Any Craps. They'll both want to know the truth of it, and it won't hurt their ratings one bit to be remembered for honesty.







QUICK TEST: Have one tester play a run of blackjack (or any other 1 to 1 bet) wagering $10 on every hand. Quit as soon as there's an equal number of wins and losses.

Since the wins and losses are equal there's NO profit.

Simultaneously, have a second tester bet that same run using Half Peak with an opening bet of $10.

With Half Peak there's ALWAYS a profit. But only at home, not it in any casino.



- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -



HALF PEAK -- A Mathematical Gambling System That Works at Home But Not In The Casinos

Taken from Are the Casinos Crooked? (Amazon), by Frederick Lembeck

Chapter 4 - Half Peak

Half Peak is played on any 1 to 1 bet. The fastest action is on either the 1 to 1 PASS bet or the 1 to 1 DON'T PASS bet at craps.

When you bet PASS, you're betting the shooter to win. When you bet DON'T PASS, you're betting the shooter to lose.

Ask the dealer to show you the PASS line and DON'T PASS line, where you put your chips.

Half Peak can also be played at Blackjack or any of the 1 to 1 bets at roulette, only it takes much longer because the pace is much slower.

The game of craps is simple: a first throw of 7 or 11 wins (game over in a single throw), a first throw of 2, 3 or 12 loses (game over in a single throw), and a first throw of any other number (called the "point") must be repeated before a 7 is thrown, or the shooter loses the bet.

Half Peak starts with a bet of $10, not $1. If the first bet wins, the second bet is $9. If the first bet loses, the second bet is $11. That's the first half of the formula: any time you win, you decrease the bet by $1; any time you lose, you increase the bet by $1 (same as the well-known D'Alembert system). You follow the progression wherever it goes, making $.50 profit on every bet.

[NOTE: The $.50 profit per bet arises because every pair of wins and losses generates $1 profit. Always. If you bet $10 and lose, then bet $11 and win, you've won $22, but spent only $21. One dollar profit. Conversely, if you bet $10 and win, then bet $9 and lose, you've won $20, but spent only $19. Again, one dollar profit. Half a dollar per bet, in other words. ALL THOSE HALF DOLLARS ADD UP. THAT'S WHY HALF PEAK MAKES MONEY. An actual trial will prove the matter plainly.]

The second half of the Half Peak formula is subtler:

As with Any Craps, because the game gives the house a tiny mathematical edge, the house will always win a tiny bit more often than you do. This in turn means your losing streaks will always be a tiny bit longer than your winning streaks (which is why the D'Alembert system loses). You have to counter this once again with a mathematical correction, only with Half Peak the correction is to end the game at one half of the highest amount your progression reaches, that is, half your peak, which is where the name Half Peak comes from.

You started at $10, say. If bad luck carries your progression all the way up to $30, you quit as soon as good luck carries you back down to $15, then start all over again at $10 with a brand new game. (You don't wait for good luck to carry your progression back down to $10. It won't. Your losing streaks, remember, are always going to be a tiny bit longer than your winning streaks.) If bad luck carries your progression all the way up to $50, you quit as soon as you get back down to $25, then start all over again at $10. If bad luck carries your progression up to $80, you quit as soon as you get back down to $40, then start all over again at $10, etc., etc. Game always ends when you reach Half Peak.

Run a simulation at home using pennies, quarters, nickles and dimes for chips. See how you make out. But don't quit your day job yet, it only works on your desk, not in any casino.

When you try it in a casino, you'll lose every penny. These results are repeatable by independent experimenters, including YOU. How can such results be? Might the operating companies that the hoteliers hire to run their casinos be using crooked gaming equipment to swindle the public? (Are the operating companies cheating the hoteliers as well as the public? What do hotel men know about running a casino? Would they know it if they were being swindled?)

Who owns the operating companies? Typically there are many, many part owners, each owning "points." The dealers and pit bosses running the swindle are always part owners, "pointholders." That's what keeps everything secret. They're the ones cheating the public, not the unsuspecting hotel chains. [NOTE: Not all dealers are pointholders. Many are just honest Joe's working for a paycheck and tips who may have no idea of what's going on around them. It’s the Boxman, the guy in the tux who sits instead of stands, he’s the one pushing the button.]

NOW HERE'S THE IMPORTANT PART: Check out pages 183, 223 and 270, from John Scarne's GUIDE TO CASINO GAMBLING detailing the technology of electric dice, magnetic roulette balls, trick card-dealing shoes, etc. Is such equipment actually being manufactured? For whose use? To victimize whom?


A former US Secretary of Education and member of the President's Cabinet, William Bennett, reportedly lost $8 million to the casinos. Was it bad luck or was he swindled? If you know him you should ask him. Maybe it'll light a fire under his bottom and cause him to use his high-level contacts to get an investigation started. How is it possible for there to be such a thing as a mathematical gambling system that works differently at home than in the casinos? What does your common sense tell you?

Should you be warning your friends and loved ones who've been losing money? You bet you should!


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