Are The Casinos Crooked?

(Does Godzilla Eat Humans?)

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A Diamond Necklace for the Earth Mother


     Got a whistle to blow?  Blow it here.

     It'll get checked out, and if it's for real the public will hear about it.  Start at the beginning and don't use too many pronouns.  Feel free to use an alias.  

Are The Casinos Crooked?  

(Does Godzilla Eat Humans?)

     If a dog's hind leg was as crooked as the casinos the poor beast wouldn't be able to walk.  

     Why doesn't anybody do anything about it?

     See what it takes to find an American politician who doesn't receive GENEROUS campaign contributions from the casino lobby (in exchange for turning a blind eye.)

A Way to Pay for 300+ Solar Power Satellites in Synchronous Orbit Around the Earth

   This is a method for financing the construction of a ring of 300+ solar power satellites (or "sun satellites") in geo-synchronous orbit around the earth, in order to turn endless free-of-charge sunlight into endless clean electricity for the earth below. 

   Basically it suggests using electricity for money, and then using the newly-created electric money to pay for the sun  satellites.  You ready for all this?



Teaching Students Modern Values 

(But What Values?)

   There are four different versions of the Buckeye Game:  Capitalist, Marxist, Laissez-Faire and Deist.

   These four compete to see which does the best job of raising the standardized test scores.

   Which do you think will get the best results?

The REAL Crooks Are The Operating Companies

     And while you're at it, test a mathematical gambling system that works at home but not in the casinos.  Free.

     How can such a thing be?

     (The casinos are crooked.)

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Could America Become a Tax-Free State?

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     Yes it could.  Not quickly, but yes it could.  Have a read.  

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